Who is this Chick?

All Original Designs ~ by a Stay at Home Mom ~ Inspired by Life
Hey I'm Michelle! I'm a wife to an awesomely supportive husband that travels a lot! The mother to 3 crazy kiddos (a sass filled daughter and twin boys). I'm originally from NJ, but I feel at home in the South.  I'm obsessed with Pinterest, crafts and DIY.  I go over board when it comes to themed dress up days at school and my kids Birthday Parties!  Hey they're only little once!

I will not define Stay at Home Rock Star. Some moms think it is empowering, a pride thing and some think it means "my kids are cramping my style!" We don't judge. Stay at home, work from home, part time stay at home...stay at home dads...we all ROCK!

Friends, new and old, thank you for the enthusiasm and encouragement to make this happen!!

Rock on! ~ Michelle