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Stay at Home Rock Star ~ Cultivating a sense of self for Moms, since 2011

One Shirt started a movement, but we have become so much more than one shirt. A community of Moms, Dads, PARENTS rocking out while doing the hardest job we’ve ever had!

Rock Stars Unite!

Stay at Home Rock Star was born 6 years ago and started with one shirt. A shirt that has a special meaning to the wearer, whether it’s empowering, a pride thing, or you think it tells the world that “these kids are cramping my style” and because of that I will not define Stay at Home Rock Star. For me it has been all of those things, but I also love the sense of community it brings when I see another parent rocking their shirt. (Should we have a handshake? Maybe a chest pound and fist in the air? I'll work on that).... I also wanted to expand that community and have added various shirt designs that strike a chord with a wider audience (see what I did there!?). Stay at home, work from home, in the 9-5 grind...stay at home dads.... We don't judge; we all ROCK!